BeyondHer .

Mastering a Business Mindset

Are you ready to build the empire of your dreams?

About Us

BeyondHer is a series of online masterclasses, which is aimed at empowering, educating and providing all the necessary tools to support women in start up businesses, or even as a leverage for their side-hustle. 

This will be an interactive platform and will be community driven, where ongoing coaching will be provided as well as growth measurement.

Why You Should Join Us

We understand that many women are stuck in an industry or job that they spend most of their waking hours at and lose out on the most important aspect of their lives, ie: spending more time with family, when instead they could become totally financially independent and utilise their time wisely.

This is the perfect opportunity for any woman, no matter what age, industry or expertise, to realise their true potential, and discover that they are more than enough.

A Big Thanks

All of our partners, hosts and team members are experts in the industry. The best of the best!

Expect to have a masterclass session with an leader at Sanlam, Facebook, Virgin Active, Gibs School of Business...the list goes on!